3 Effective Ways to Clean Your Camping Dishes

Camping dishes

When camping, washing dishes is not a favorite of many people. With no dishwasher, limited water and no sink, doing dishes when camping is a real pain. Nevertheless, the dishes need to be washed.

So what is the way to clean up after a sumptuous meal when you are out camping with either family or friends? This problem is near to us and tackling the whole issue is never easy. The objective is to come up with right procedure since washing dishes will never be enjoyable.

In some camping sites, there are special dishwashing facilities so utilize them. Washing dishes in the bathroom sinks is wrong because this area cannot hold food waste. Below is a detailed process for accomplishing all these.

1. Using a Backpack

A backpack is important for campers because you do not want to leave traces of food everywhere when cleaning dishes. If food is left behind, the local wildlife becomes conditioned to the presence of human beings.

Future campers may also not be comfortable staying in such an environment. For group cooking, heat up some water and scrub the inside of the pot used for cooking, dig up a hole at least 6 inches deep and pour in all the contents of the pot before covering it up. Additionally, consider using biodegradable soap.

For personal dishes, especially if it is a bowl, put in some hot water and remove the contents using the spoon. If you are feeling disgusted with the whole approach, remember this is food you just ate. Rinsing and washing bowls immediately ensures that the food does not harden and will come off easily. It is the best way to clean your bowl. Another approach is to lick the plate or bowl clean. Don’t wait for food to dry out first, wash the dishes immediately, and in the most appropriate manner.

2. Use the dish line

Anytime you plan a camping trip, find three washtubs, which you will use the whole time. Depending on the size of your group, choose a tub that is suiting to your needs. Bring along a small container of bleach, coarse scrubbing side, and a sponge. Get a well-sealed container that you will use for collecting leftovers in ensuring you leave your camping area clean. Remember to take care of your camping items as certain items may require special care such as survival knives.

3. Wrap up

Lastly, you can collect all leftovers and put them in one place. Promoting good hygiene is paramount in any environment, always avoid leaving rubbish scattered across the ground. Once your leftovers have been dealt with, you can wrap your dishes up and wash them at home.