Tips on Camp Stoves and Stove Fuel

Camping Stoves — Any brand

Do you do a lot of backpacking?

How do you decide what camp stoves would suit your adventure? The first thing to do is to keep in mind two things before making your decision, like type of trip, length of trip and type of food you will be making.

This means thinking about how many people you will be cooking for, as well as how complex your recipes are for camp cooking.

You will also need to ask yourself what type of weather you are likely to encounter, and what temperatures you will be experiencing.

You can purchase a micro stove that fits in your pocket to ones more suitable for permanent camps.

Stove Fuel

Stove fuel should guide your decision as well.

Your choices for stove fuel include:

Butane Blends
Butane blends are basically compressed gas, kerosene – a liquid, white gas – a liquid, denatured alcohol – a liquid and unleaded gas – a liquid.

Some camp stoves are designed to use one or more types of fuel but be warned they may be more expensive that single fuel burners and harder to maintain.

Make sure you follow all manufacturers’ recommendations for your family’s safety.

Camp cooking on a good quality camp stove can be great fun and part of your family’s outdoor adventure.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Some basic advice can be found on the Internet for using your camp stoves.

For instance, find out how to get a more efficient performance from your camp stove when you use a lid and a windscreen for cooking.

Learn how to clean and maintain your stove properly and use a coffee filter to filter all of your liquid stove fuel before use.

Now you can search online today for more tips on using and choosing camp stoves for your outdoor adventures.

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